acoustic confession

We’re acoustic folks

Acoustic player – no matter how deep he dislikes amplification – can easily get into a situation, where he should use an amplifier to prevail his performance. Only to mention the most obvious case: classical guitar soloist with a chamber orchestra; the most powerful classical guitar sound lightly dives into the sea of the chamber orchestra’s one.

Our basic goal is to reproduce sound in a way the player expects the same of his instrument.


We’ll find the roots of our electro acoustic systems in Recklinghausen, Germany, where the company was formed in 1992, which brought acoustic amplification to new levels with its innovations. Appliances built for this task to this point never achieved this level of sound quality; those made since are treading in those footsteps.

This is not the first case in the history of musical instrument industry, when designer’s and his worldwide known company’s paths divide for whatever reason. Only to mention two famous names: Fender, maker of the most influencing guitars (fe. Telecaster and Stratocaster), and AKG one time in Vienna based world famous professional microphone and headphone manufacturer. First was forced to realize his never sleepy innovative mood separated from his own company, second have been acquired by a very large international organization, which terminated the original Vienna site and relocated the manufacturing into third countries.

This or that way inventors of great products often were forced to form new partnerships and companies to go their own ways to continue with the original ground breaking ideas. These always resulted in new products reflecting customer’s demands much better.

Udo Rosner was also forced to go this way.

Udo Rosner

He himself is a practicing guitarist, who thinks, every acoustic instrument deserves to be heard at its original sound by the audience, where the amplification is not only free of distortion but is also not coloring the sound at all. This – albeit – sounds very simple, but only the most extraordinary ones are able to do so.

His work so far has been marked by milestones in acoustic amplification and fundamentally altered the definition of acoustic amplification from the Lakewood AcoustiCube through Bingo to Artemis.

He still admires to creatively develop durable objects which gives pleasure, are parts of music and provide orientation in this busy world.


We develop unstoppable further our creative products for the better satisfaction of acoustic musicians. Follow our internet sites to be always informed about our latest developments.