Acoustic amplifiers

... just pure & real

The DaCapo 75 is a two channel combo amplifier made for music lovers that value tone and want their instruments reproduced as they really sound – in a package, small and powerful, offering comfort, portability. Ideal for stringed instruments, singer/songwriters or duos, te DaCapo 75 embrace all kind of instruments and delivers tone with ease, truth and character.
Surely professional – focussed on quality design, components and features – it is made with pleasure and care to back you up in each and every situation.
A lot of progress in amps, especially for acoustic instruments, and I am happy to have contributed to this progress quite a bit over the last 30 years. I have always believed musicians all over the world value sound – we all are on the road of never-ending endevour to improve.
Now, here is my latest contribution… still analogue, a giant in a shoebox, powerful, crisp, clear, assertive and yet so warm, mellow and beautifully balanced.

Udo Rosner


  • 2 independent, combined inputs, line, microphone
  • 3 band EQ on both channels
  • tone button on Ch1, adjustable HP Filter on Ch2
  • 6 FX settings, even a ‘tap’n delay


  • independent DI’s on both channels
  • line outs: soundcard & studio level
  • external FX loop
  • AUX input
  • headphone and double pedal switch connectors

Main specs

  • 75 Watt power amps
  • 60 Watt limiter treshold
  • cabinet12 mm plywood
  • measures: 265 mm (10.43″) height, 325 mm (12.8″) width, 245 mm (9.65″) deepth
  • weight: 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs)